Around 3:30 yesterday I stopped for a second nap at a parking area for a trail head. A little while after I got there a college track team showed up. One of the kids had a pulled hamstring so he couldn’t run and we talked for a bit.

When the rest of the team started filing back in from their runs, I started to ask about the area to try and get a feeling of how much there was around and to find potential spots to sleep because the night before Ken had told me there was litterally nothing between Indian Lake Estates and Yeehaw Junction.

One of the kids told me that I had actually just passed Indian Lake Estates, so I figured I should keep going. In the next mile or passed a Post Office and a few houses, so it was definitely rural, but there was still some places.

I passed a building that looked like it was used for packaging crops. I needed to use a bath room so I went in to check it out even though the front gate was locked. Turns out the whole back half of the building was wide open. There were fans keeping the place cool, power, and bathrooms. The only thing that could have made this a better place to sleep was if it had a shower. Unfortunatly, the front gate was closed too tight to fit my bike in, and there were no other gaps to squeeze through, so if I stayed here I would have had to leave my bike elsewhere which was something I just didn’t feel comfortable doing.

So on I went. I don’t think I saw another building for five miles, and it was another ten miles and a half an hour after dark until I found a place that looked like I could crash at. First I tried a dicount ticket place which had a closed motel behind it. I was going to just sleep in one of the hallways between rooms, but a security guard came and kicked me out. I went across the street to another dicount ticket store and eneded up speninding the night there.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 and going down the street to a gas station to clean up. Now I’m back at the place I slept at, using one of their picnic benches to eat breakfast on. I think I might ride for a short bit after this even though I still really want to nap, but I should really do as much riding as I can before it gets any hotter out.

Yesterday was probably longer than I should have rode, 74.5 miles. I started off stiff then, probably from sleeping in a car all weekend, and I’m definitely sore now. I think I streched about ten or twelve times yesterday, but that still didn’t save me. I’m sure that in another day or two I’ll be right back into the swing of things.

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  1. Hi Matt I check on you every day, You are always in my thoughts! Sorry about the tire– you’ve been lucky so far! Hope you find good places to sleep the rest of the trip. Look forward to a terrific sunset at the Keys. They are just beautiful! Love you Mimi

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