I’m Sore

Last night I slept at this park in Delray, FL. Most of the park closes at sunset, but they leave part of it open for fishermen.

I went to the part that was closed at night and hid my bike in some bushes. I grabbed my sleeping pad and brought it over to some benches. The benches were all the same size and too short to stretch out on, and too narrow to lay flat on, but their backs were to the road so they offered a place to sleep while still being out of sight.

I saw the park ranger or sherrif drive by around nine o’clock but figured it was best to stay were I was and not be seen. At five in the morning I had it with that idea and moved to one of the other pavilions that had a picnic table.

I slept there for a good two hours , and when I awoke, boy was I SORE. Its definitely partially due to the riding but I can feel that it is mostly due to how I was curled up on that bench.

I’m going to be taking a few Ibefroferin this morning with breakfast, and then it looks like I’ll be on my way to Miami Beach. I was planning at staying at my friend’s doem at the University of Miami, but her cellphone has been dead/out of service for a few days now, so don’t know how else to get a hold of her. Luckily enough, my grandmother knows somebody in Miami Beach, so hopefully I can stay there.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Boy this is quite trip. I haven’t really been following it but i knew that you went because your mother told us. If I were you I would catch a plane for the ride back. I’ll bet your sore. Joanie and the girls wish you the best of luck and try to stay cool.

    Mike Daggett

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