Grab bag luck

Some of its been good some of its been bad.

After I sent that last post I wrote in my other journal for a bit, and when I looked down, I saw a quarter, but some how I forgot to pick it up.

The only reason I can think that I forgot to pic it up was that I could have been distracted by the model that was posing for a photo shoot on the rocks 25 feet away from me. Other than that I’m not sure why I wouldn’t have picked it up.

Then I realized I didn’t have my yellow shirt. When I had taken it off yesterday, I washed it, and then hung it up to dry. I know that I took it off the railing I originally put it on and hung it on my bike. That night though, I had moved my bike around so many times while debating where to crqsh for the night, it must have fallen off somewhere.

When I woke up around 7:30, there were several park workers cleaning the park. I had hoped that they might have found it and put it in a lost and found or something, but when I had finally realized it was missing, they had already left, and no one was in the office or check in booth. I tried to dilly dally while getting ready, hoping someone would come back, but no such luck. So now I’m left with just one cycling shirt for the rest of the trip, but I can atleast rinse those out, so that’s a lot better than one pair of shorts.

While I was waiting however, I met three really nice cyclists, Wayne, Jody, and Kenny. They were only going south another three miles or so I didn’t end up riding with them because I didn’t want to hold them up for such a short distance, but they gave me their phone numbers incase I got into any kind of trouble.

So over all nothing bad has really happened, but I would be a lot smellier if I had another shirt. But what can you do but “brush the dirt off, get up and try again” (Gorilla Biscuits’ lyrics, the band I went to NYC to see).

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  1. Sorry yiou lost your shirt. Now I will know what to get you for Christmas. I can start checking REI outlet again. Hope you have a nice place to stay tonight. Till later. Love you

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