I’m a Jerk

Well I’m back from Paris for… 3 weeks now? and I stil haven’t posted a summary of the trip, so all the interesting details have long since sunk to the depths of my swiss cheese brain, where I’m sure they’ll be revived at some later time by some random occurance, but I doubt I’ll be anywhere where I’ll document that either. But the trip was awesome. There are pic up in the gallery.

A quick overview of the trip since I’m here. I got bumped from my first flight from Philly to Shannon, Ireland, so I got to hang out with Brooke and go to one of her friend’s birthday parties, and got free round trip airfare to anywhere in the world that US Airways Flies! Pretty awesome.

I got to Paris the next day and met three awesome girls at the hostel I was at, who I went out with that night to a really nice restaurant to get snails at and then to the eifrell tower. The next day we went to Mulan Rouge, the catacombs, a cemetary, Le Cure, and a few other places I just can’t remeber anymore (I’ll have to look the the photos I guess).

At the end of that nigth I went across town to meet up with Amanda, who had an appartment I could stay at for the rest of the week since she was taking a class there for 5 weeks. This turned out to be a disaster consisting of me walking around her neighborhood for about 3 hours trying to find her place with no cell phone for her to get a hold of me and me having to hack my way through the french language to try and borrow someone’s cell phone to call her, only to find that she wasn’t answering (her phone never even showed missed calls, but she did eventually get my voice mails later that night). It wasn’t until I was about to give up and jokenly let out a yell of her name while standing outside her place that caused her head to pop out her third story window to greet me. So it all worked out, but what a stressful few hours.

That night was her room mate’s birthday, so we went to the eifrel tower (2nd of 3 visits during my week there), and the had pound cake, cheese, and wine. It was a pretty awesome, relaxing night just hanging out watching the lights on the tower go off every hour, watching local Parisians playing soccer on the grass, and dressing up in fake mustaches and berets while pretending to run away from the cops for sliding down the side of the eifrell tower as if it were a balester. You know… Your every day Paris type stuff.

Over the next few days we went to Notre Damn a few times, walked around about 10 diffrent parks, went to a bar or two, checked out the Louvre. There’s really too much more to write about now, but hey, atleast I have something down. I’ll try to jot down a few more ideas and spell check this post later. Till then!

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