Mobloging is Back!

Hey everyone!

Sorry posts here have been slow, but I’ve been pretty busy. From mid March through April, I was roaming around South East Asia. Then from May till August I was working at a camp, Philmont, in New Mexico, teaching kids low impact camping skills and keeping them safe from bears. And then I went with my friend Geoff and hiked the John Muir Trail from Yosemite Park down to Mt Whitney in California. That was 230+ miles in 17 days of hiking. The entire time after leaving Toulume we only saw TWO roads! We were pretty out there. It was incredible!

Now I’ve been back in LA for a few days, catching up with friends here and plan to ride a bike back up San Francisco with another friend Noah, and thought I might try to fix up the mobile blog again. So here’s a first go at that. Lets see if it works!

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